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As I'm sure all of you know, Kikasa quit Shelly back in August and has since formed yet another new band,【FIGURE:】フィギュア --this one with ex: Due'le quartz vocalist Sakito (like this is news to anyone in this comm). Yes, they're back!

And, interestingly enough, Kazuki will be joining them as the session drummer on their first two maxi-singles. The first maxi, 賢い奴隷の愚かな選択 (kashikoi dorei no oroka na sentaku), will be available 01.26.2005, price ¥1,200. The second, Made in 彼女 (Made in kanojo), will be available 02.26.2005, also for ¥1,200.

You can visit the 【FIGURE:】official site here.



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